The WorkBench Case Study


The WorkBench



This project took place between January 2017 and December 2017. I worked as a Senior UX/UI Designer for The Home Depot. My team mostly consisted of a Project Manager/Biz Analyst, Risk Analyst(s), Product Owner, and a Web Developer team in India. I was responsible for the visual design and user experience .


With more than 25,000 corporate employees, The Home Depot was face with the opportunity to successfully audit equipment inventory. From procurement to repairs, millions of dollars were spent to ensure employees had the best tools to be a success. The WorkBench was to be the primary tool to ensure that success.


Multiple departments operated independently of each other, so there was a huge need for cohesion in the auditing process. Getting multiple department heads to allow access to their internal systems would prove to be an opportunity my team and I were suited for.


The WorkBench would serve as one singular repository for all equipment. A device‘s life cycle could be tracked and the owner could update its status in real time. I was tasked with creating an interface that was intuiative on multiple levels. It had to display a device’s life cycle while allowing the user to service devices as well as purchase new ones.

Style & Imagery


Project Insight

On this project I used Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Noun ProjectWe were able to partner with all departmental heads in the design and validation of the WorkBench. Our user testing scored through the roof and the application rollout was a huge success!